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These drawings are highly detailed! Scott Loethen puts in numerous hours in each drawing to capture as much detail as possible. Time varies depending on the overall detail and paper coverage. Drawings range anywhere from 25, 50 and some even over 100+ hours to complete. So, If you are thinking about one as a gift make sure we get your photograph at least a month in advance.

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Want color? Then have a custom watercolor, acrylic or oil painting commissioned. All we need to get started is a budget, photograph, an approximate size, and medium and Scott can do the rest! Not in your budget? Think again, we work with all budgets to make sure each client gets exactly what they want.



A unique way to blend art and the traditional family tree style. Each piece is hand painted and designed for each customer. Over 40 standard colors to choose from but since they are hand painted the sky is the limit on what you can get. The perfect gift for those special people on your list!

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Graphic Design

We offer a wide range of affordable graphic services. Let us help you establish or enhance your brand by creating a consistent look for your printed and digital identity. •LOGOS •BUSINESS CARDS •STATIONARY •PRINT MATERIALS & GRAPHICS •WEB GRAPHICS •PHOTO EDITS •SIGNAGE DESIGN

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